National Rally Award Winners 2011

2011 Rally Concours - National Rally Award Winners 2011

Rally Champion

1934 Le Mans

Peter & Lorraine Lester, 1934 Le Mans

Best in Class

CLASS 1. Vintage Roadster up to 1930: Terry & Julie Curtis, 1929 Junior Sports

CLASS 2. Vintage Saloon up to 1930: Morrie & Wilma Lunney, Hillman Hunter (There were no Vintage Saloons, but several votes were received for Morrie and Wilma’s Hillman Hunter which didn’t fit in anywhere else, so it was given to them. A victory for democracy!)

CLASS 3. Pre War Roadster 1931-1939: Peter & Dorothy Pyett, 1936 Bantam Roadster

CLASS 4. Pre War Saloon 1931-1939: Alan Cannane, 1933 9 Saloon

CLASS 5. Le Mans: Peter & Lorraine Lester, 1934 Le Mans

CLASS 6. Post War Roadster 1940-1952 9/10/4A: Ian & Jackie Martin, 1949 4A Roadster

CLASS 7. Post War Roadster 1952-1956 4AB/D: Peter & Diana Bilston, 1952 4AB Roadster

CLASS 8. Post War Saloon 1940-1955: Jeff & Maureen Vale, 1951 SM1500 Saloon

CLASS 9. Rootes Group Singer 1955 on: Gary & Caroline Handran, 1962 Vogue

CLASS 10. Singer Special: John & Vanessa Eason, 1937 9 Special

CLASS 11. Singer Commercial: Rick & Margaret McDonald, 1950 9hp Roadster Utility

CLASS 12.Singer Under Restoration: Reid Bridson, JWF Italia Singer 9 Special

CLASS 14 Master Class (previous rally champions): John & Maureen Benfer, 1934 Le Mans

CLASS 15. Peoples’ Choice (Singer I would like to own): John & Vanessa Eason, 1937 9 Special

Other Awards

Longest Distance Travelled in a Singer: Gary & Caroline Handran, 1962 Vogue, over 1500km from Brisbane

Longest distance travelled to attend: Perelov Thornquist & Lena, from Sweden

Hard Luck Award: Kevin Keany, 1948 10hp Tourer. Kevin faced all sorts of problems getting his unfinished Tourer from South Australia to Shepparton, but it did run under its own power for the first time in many years – from the motel to the park across the road.

RACV Choice Award: Angela & Brian Kelleher, 1950 4A Roadster. As a girl, Angela attended rallies with her family. Her father (Peter Pyett) was restoring his 1936 Roadster, but she was often given a ride in a lovely blue 4A. Many years later she bought that same 4A, and today her own daughters ride in the back seat.